Living life in FEAR

I believe one of the main things that hinder people from pursuing their dreams is the fear of failure. There have been so many aspects of my life where fear stopped me from moving forward. I always had so much passion in everything I did and went full force in starting something, but always had difficulty in finishing.

 I dreamed I would be a ballerina, but stopped because I was afraid I was not good enough. I dreamed I would be a famous singer and dancer; but stopped because I was afraid I was not pretty enough. I dreamed I would become a painter, but stopped because I was afraid no one would ever want to buy my artwork. I dreamed I wanted to become a doctor; but stopped because I thought I was not smart enough. It was always fear that stopped me from pursing something I was passionate about.

For years one thing I always enjoyed doing was decorating. I loved looking at a blank wall or room and turning it into something beautiful. I would look for excuses to plan parties just for the excuse to decorate and plan a truly beautiful and entertaining event. People would always tell me that I would make an amazing event planner but did not want to pursue that career path because of the fear of failure.  But one day I decided that I was no longer going to let FEAR be a factor. That was the day that changed my life…that was the day that Extra-Ordinary Events became a reality.

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